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Natraliving Bird PRODUCTS

Everyday Natrazest

Everyday Natrazest

All year round condition & vitality

Marigold, Dandelion, Nettle, Clivers, Golden Rod and Sage

A combination of herbs rich in iron, vitamin C & A to support general health and condition. Known to aid digestion, circulation, skin and feather growth, plus the respiratory and lymphatic systems.

This safe natural supplement fed in conjunction with good diet, will help your birds maintain a healthy balanced system. It is free from pharmaceutical or synthetic ingredients and contain no fillers.

Mix with regular feed - if necessary gradually introduce in smaller amounts, until the taste is acquired. 

Measure: x1 heaped scoop (in pack) per bird per day

AVAILABLE SIZES: 100g pouch, 250g bag

RRP for 100g: £6.95

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