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Helping your birds naturally.

Welcome to our Natraliving Bird sect ion. Our pure natural herbs and ingredients are suitable for all kinds of birds - poultry, fowl, racing pigeons, game birds and even parrots and pet birds. With the ever growing popularity of bird fanciers, we have developed a simple easy to use range of herbal supplements and natural products to support general healthcare needs plus provide solutions for more specific health problems. By using natural herbal supplements our birds will benefit in many ways.

What better than the natural way.

We also offer a selected range ofhomeopathy specially for poultry with a friendly back up advice service from our experienced homeopath.

If you have any questions or want further information about how best to use our natural healthcare products or about the wellfare of your birds, please use our Advice Line 0845 5000 666 and we will be happy to help where we can.

Always remember if you are in any doubt about a partictular health or wellfare issue of your birds, you should always consult your vet for a proper diagnosis.

  • We supply a wide range of high quality natural pure herbs & healthcare products
  • All products tried, tested and trusted
  • Herbal products formulated by our own experienced qualified medical herbalist
  • We only use highest quality ingredients
  • No fillers and unnecessary additives
  • A selection of homeopathic remedies
  • Friendly Advice Line for professional help and support
  • We freshly seal pack all our herbs just before distribution to maximise potency and purity before delivery
  • Easy to use eco-friendly packaging
  • Quick response to customer’s needs
  • We can produce bespoke herbal solutions for specific conditions
  • We are flexible with bulk sizes
  • We constantly review the benefits & effectiveness of our herbal range
  • Best value for money

The help I received from you guys was brilliant.

We have gone from having some very sad animals to now having very happy and healthy ones that are full of life, thank you!


Joanne from Oxford