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We frequently get asked interesting questions about different equine subjects and issues from all round the country and we felt it is worth displaying a selection of them as they might be of some assistance to you.

If you have any other questions of your own, please do contact us and we will be pleased to do our best to help in any way we can.

Frequently Asked Questions
How should I start my horse on herbs?

It is a good idea to introduce the herbs by mixing small quantities into the normal daily feed gradually over a period of time and depending on the horse, some will readily eat herbs in no time while some might take a little longer, especially fussy eaters. If you feel it is proving to be a little difficult, you can dampen the feed with water or mix in something sugar beet to make it more appetising. Don’t forget you can try liquid herbs that generally speaking most horses and ponies are happy to eat when mixed into their feed but this will usually cost a little more.

Can I mix your herbs with other products containing herbs?

Fundamentally there is no problem using a herbal mix together with your horses feed containing some herbs but if you are worried in any way please call our Advice line for further information.

How precise have I got to be with the feeding guides?

Basically we give a general recommended feeding guide with all our herbal and healthcare products - shown on the label. On most of the products there is some flexibility with the quantity to administer that will depend on whether your feeding a pony or horse and what their height/size is. If you want some more details please call our Advice line.

Where should I keep my herbs?

It is advisable to store your herbal products in a dry, cool place out of direct sun light where possible.

How long do herbs last for?

From the time you open the sealed pack and if stored correctly in a cool place out of direct sunlight dried herbs will remain active for at least 12-15 months. They can still be used even after that but they may lose some of their potency.


Are herbs addictive to horses or ponies?

Ponies or horses will not become dependent on the herbs.

Is it OK to use herbal products with conventional medicine?

Generally speaking herbal products can be safely used in conjunction with just about all conventional medicines. If your horse or pony is already receiving medication from your vet and if you are not sure about any possible interactions, please ask your vet or contact our Advice Line.

What is the difference between dried and liquid herbs?

There is no other difference in efficacy between liquid and dried herbs, they are as good as each other. It is simply a question of how fast you want the herbs to work on your horse or pony. Liquid herbs will initially absorb into the body quicker than dried herbs but some horses or ponies will respond better to dry than liquid and others will be the opposite. If there is no concern with speed of action use dried herbs but some owners prefer liquid especially those with fussy eaters.

Can I use homeopathy with my horse while using herbs?

Yes, it is generally safe to administer homeopathy while using herbal supplements but if you are in any doubt please contact us.

Can an allergic reaction be caused by herbs?

It is very unusual but occasionally a horse or pony may have an adverse reaction to a certain herb. This would show its self within a short time (about 2-3 hours) and it will have no long term effect, so if your horse or pony has some sort of reaction at a later date it is unlikely to be the caused by the herbs. If you feel concerned in any way, stop giving the herbs and please contact our Advice Line.

Can I use herbal products if I want to compete my horse?

There is no problem if you are competing your horse or pony in unaffiliated competition. If you are competing in affiliated competition there are a few restrictions that apply and we would suggest you get advice from the society governing your discipline, as changes can take place from year to year.

Currently Valerian and Devils Claw are prohibited substances by the FEI and the Jockey Club not because are they are bad in anyway for your horse or pony but because these herbs work too well! There are very few of our herbal products that we need to be concerned with but for competitors we do provide ‘Natra-Calm Valerian-free’ that is effective and could be used as an alternative. Please contact us for further information.