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Natraliving Dog HOMEOPATHY

How to use Homeopathy

Homeopathy offer’s an effective option for some of the most common canine conditionsand situations. Homeopathic tablets are non toxic and quite safe for animals and humans, young or old. Our canine ‘Homeopathic Remedy Selector’ gives a selected list of ailments and recommended choice of remedies to use. It is a good basic self help guide using some of the most popular homeopathic remedies. There are however, many other remedies that are in common use for a wide range of specific needs. If you would like to find out more information or you have any questions please contact us by email or on our advice line.

Which remedies should be used?
Using the canine Homeopathic Remedy Selector chart...

1st, find the prominent symptom, then select the first choice remedy which is commonly considered to be the most helpful.

2nd, check if there are any other relevant symptoms listed, then either select a remedy common to most needs, or use more than one remedy - a combination can be very beneficial.

3rd, if there is no noticeable improvements after use, try the second or third choice remedies that might be more suitable.

How should remedies be administered?
Avoid direct use of hands on the tablets to preserve their potency. Tip 1or 2 tablets at a time into the lid, then drop into the large cavity of the animal’s lipwhere it will dissolve and enter the system via the mucous membranes. You might find it easier to place the tablets into a slice of carrot or apple. It is not effective to mix into feed.

How often should remedies be used?
The dosage will depend on the actual symptom(s) and nature or condition of the patient. Sometimes even a single dose can provide great benefit.

(1 DOSE = 2 to 3 tablets)

In the case of emergencies, give every 10 -15 mins for up to 6 doses or in very acute cases 5-15 mins for first hour then reduce gradually.

Acute short term conditionsthat are resolvable,give 3 - 4 doses daily.

Persistent longer term conditions, requiring treatment over weeks or months- give once daily to once weekly.

In general, continue with dosage until symptom(s) improve or change, then reduce or stop with significant improvement or when symptom(s) cease. If you are not sure about anything and require further information or advice please contact us on our advice line.

If symptoms persist please consult your vet.

Homeopathic Remedy Selector

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The help I received from you guys was brilliant.

We have gone from having some very sad animals to now having very happy and healthy ones that are full of life, thank you!


Joanne from Oxford