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Natraliving Horse PRODUCTS

Natraliving Horse offers an easy to use range of high quality herbal supplements and natural healthcare products that have been specially selected and formulated by our experienced qualified herbalist. We also offer a comprehensive range of homeopathy backed up with a friendly advice service from our homeopath who has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Natraliving products are easy to use and you can be sure they are in the best condition possible as we freshly seal pack all our herbs just before distribution to ensure maximum potency and purity.

We have organised our products into simple groups to help make it easier for you to find the relevant natural remedies you need for your horse or pony.

Natraliving MIXED HERBS

All Year Round Support, All-in-One Collection and Natural Classic Combinations

Natraliving SINGLE HERBS

100% Pure Premium Quality Garlic, Commonly Used Single Herbs

Natraliving SUPPLEMENTS - Movement,Traditional & Liquids

Supplements for Movement, Traditional and Liquid Supplements

Natraliving HOMEOPATHY

All year round remedies, Homeopathic Creams, Combination remedies, Specialist remedies, Flower remedies and Essential Oils

Additional BRANDS

Equine Health, Hilton Herbs, SP Equine Health & Herbs, Stable Environment Ltd and James Hart

If you have any questions, would like more information about our products or if you have had difficulty obtaining a partictular herb, let us know and we will do our best to help you where we can, just call on 0845 5000 666 or by email enquiries@natralivinghealth.co.uk.

All in One collection

This mixed herb collection is becoming ever more popular with horse owners who are looking for natural support for specific conditions. They all consist of specially selected high quality herbs formulated to aid and support your equine needs.

We have recently introduced two new products to the range - NatraMune for protection and support of the immune function and NatraBreathe to benefit lung efficiency and health.